Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The very strangest people insist on occupying this Earth with me. I don't know if anyone else has quite as many experiences with creepers or maybe they just aren't as aware of it as I am, but at least once a day I encounter a creeper. It's like a rule for my life or something! Today I was driving to this appointment I had to go to for work and, as I was waiting in a turn lane, I caught this guy in the adjacent lane looking at me and when he realized I had caught him he pointed at me and waved and gave me some weird creep-o smile, so I could do absolutely nothing else but smile sorta kinda funny back at him and wave like I was weirded out, which I totally was! So I carefully ignored him for the rest of the time but I sneaked a peak as I was turning and the dude was on his phone, smiled at me again and pointed at me like he was talking about me or something... Very strange people out in this world. And, Creeper, if you are reading this: next time please roll down your window and say something to make me NOT think you are a creeper. OK, bye now :)


Anonymous said...

Babe, next time dont wave back. Ignore those creepers. Don't give them attention but just be aware that they're there...

Law :)

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