Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

This past Saturday, my mom and I were driving through my aunts neighborhood when we passed  by this little kid standing outside his front lawn with a table that was practically bigger than he was. We noticed that it was a lemonade stand. You always see little kids selling lemonade and cookies outside their houses in movies, but, that I can remember, I have never seen this in real life. We thought this was the quaintest, most adorable thing in the world so we pulled up beside the house to get out and see it. The little boy was named Michael and he couldn't have been older than 6 years old. His mother had baked muffins and made lemonade for him and his brother to sell. I bought some pink lemonade from Michael and he had a hard time lifting the jug of lemonade but he did it all by himself and asked me to tell him how much I wanted for my dime. His brother who I think was around the same age as him sold my mom a little itty bitty muffin with cranberries. She was just going to eat it right there, but he said, "If you buy a muffin it has to go in the bag," in the cutest little "this is the way it is and that's not going to change whether or not it makes sense" voice of his. So my mom said OK and thank you very much and she expected the muffin was going to be delicious and we said goodbye to the two little entrepeneurs and laughed and smiled about the experience all the way to the mall. The moment still makes me smile when I think about it. It's just one of those Hallmark moments you never will forget and I think I will probably smile about it 10 years from now. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and that's just what Michael and his brother did. They sold me and my mom life for ten cents apiece.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Picture of Dorian Gray

I am currently reading the book The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde for my AP Lit class. At first I had thought that it was going to be boring and depressing, despite it's interesting plot, but I have been interested since page one! The Picture of Dorian Gray is about a guy (named Dorian Gray, duh!) who is beautiful and somewhat vain and terrified of losing his beauty as he grows old. So he sells his soul so that instead of aging himself, a portrait of himself that he keeps hidden away ages and grows older and more hideous year by year. The novel explores a lot of different ideas like aestheticism and hedonism as well an underlying homosexuality (Oscar Wilde was imprisoned and charged for homosexual acts and had to feel to America). I've read plays by Oscar Wilde before and this is his only novel and as of right now I am completely thrilled with it. I think what I like most about it is the tone. The way Wilde words things is that the imagery is very beautiful and serene however there is a kind of creepiness and darkness behind it all. As if everything were not really as it it seems. Although this is required reading for school, I really do think this book is very intriguing, well-written and a good read overall.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Total and Absolute Craziness!!!!

So today had to be one of the craziest, most pee-inducing, most traumatic days of my entire life. Maybe I'm being a little melodramatic, but at the time, and at this moment, as I think of it and the crazy consequences that can be a by-product of it, this statement seems totally valid...

Today me and my friends played hooky from school since it was an FCAT day and, being seniors, we would have been wasting our time there. So we all went over to our friend Kevin's house. My friend Melissa gave me directions, but Kevin lives in a gated community and for some ridiculous reason that I still can not fathom but will soon be remedied, he does not have access to open the gates, so Melissa tells me to park where the exit is. I figure if I park far enough forward the people that want to exit can get out through the entrance so I do as she says.

Well, we've been hanging out at his house for a little while when our friend Sammy says she needs a ride somewhere and I offer to take her.  As we are getting to the gates we see this red truck pull around and start taking my liscence plate number and we freak out! He asks us if the car is ours and like idiots we lie and say no hoping he will drive away and we can move the car without him noticing. However, he is not moving! He starts taking down every little information he can about the car so me and Sammy and our friend Danielle start freaking out and call Kevin to come move the car.

Kevin comes rushing and says he is sorry. But this other guy came and tells us that he needs our insurance information and the registration because apparently a buddy of his was trying to get out of the neighborhood and found he couldn't get out of the exit because my car was parked there. Trying to get around it he backed up right into the the spikes that keep people from entering through the exit and popped his tires. He drove to the Publix and was waiting to get picked up.

We ask him how much the damage is, that we'll pay for it. To please not involve the insurance companies. So after this whole huge discussion and lecture we give him my name and my number and Kevin's name since he says he is the one driving the car and we all get in the car and get the hell out! Apparently the guy was going to call the tow truck and we owe the guy who popped his tires about $200.

So we decide, after we drop Sammy off, that maybe it isn't a good idea to park in the entrance to Kevin's complex so he calls up his friend and asks if we can park in her driveway. She gives us her permission but her house is on a corner near a school so there is this patrol guy who gives us a hard time about it until he realizes that we got permission from the owners to park there.

So we can finally walk back to Kevin's house, where the rest of our group is all wondering what the hell just happened. We aren't there for very long when Sammy calls to get picked up and we go to get her. But when we get back to Kevin's friend's house to park the car again, the elementary school has just let out and this idiot woman has parked right in front of the parking space and we ask her to move and she gives the hardest time about it! So we try to go around her and this idiot is driving on the wrong side of the road so we can't.

So here we are blocking traffic because of these ridiculous parents who never learned the rules of the road and Melissa is just getting really pissed off, because we are all doing the right thing and yet we are getting blamed for what is going on and getting honked at and the patrol guy is yelling at us and she gets out of the car and basically directs traffic herself!

Finally we are getting able to get into our spot after busting such a mission and the patrol guy gives us a hard time again, but we convince him that it is us again...

So yeah, those people with the popped tires have yet to call me, but until then I'm shitting my pants.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Musical Odyssey

So a little while I did another piece in my personal art project. This piece is more of a text based collage. I really liked writing my words in the shape of a G-Clef. I used crayon, acrylic paint, and permanent marker.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Solving Boredom

I have always had this thing where I get really bored and really lonely and I know other people get that way too, so when I was younger I came up with a solution, where I create my own world and either I can be the character or I create a whole new person and all the people in their life and where they are and what they do. It's pretty... crazy actually, but it gets rid of the boredom and my mind off the loneliness. So I've started up my old hobby again, this time doing it via blog. Right now I'm coming up with some characters and their relationships to one another. Later I'll come up with the different settings and then I'll start writing the story. The story can be written in any which way: narrative, dialogue, script, video, diary, etc. It's up to you and you have total control and freedom. If you want to check out what I'm talking about here is the link to my blog
Hope this helps with those days you have nothing better to do!