Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fox Books and Cafe: Dream or Possible Reality??

Remember how I have been thinking of late where my life might lead and what it is I might do with my life. I want it to be something that I enjoy, something I excel at, and something that I am passionate about. Yes, the big cahoona of dreams is to be a photojournalist for National Geographic Magazine, but I also have this dream where I own a small Bookshop/Cafe. Something intimate and cozy, perhaps in New York City or Chicago or Boston, definitely NOT Miami. I'd have a small kitchen and I'd hire a chef, specializing in soups, desserts and pastries, breakfast foods, etc. I'd order books: popular fiction and non-fiction, local writer's works, poetry, old books, little novellas, travels guides, etc. I could hold Open Mic Nights and have book signings. There would be bookshelves all over the place and small tables, couches and wi-fi. Maybe I could have a  used books section, and donors can get discounts on their next purchase. There is so much that you can do if you own your own little business and everyone loves a little cafe where you can read, work and where social events sometimes take place. And this dream is very much so a possibility. All that I'd need to do is learn a little bit of business management, how to do taxes for a business, figure out salaries and paying bills and how to order merchandise for the shop, get a loan to buy a facility and all the necessities to set it up and advertising. I mean yes it is a lot but it sounds like a possibility and a very doable thing. Something I'd find a challenge, but something I can take pride in. Combining two of my passions: food and books. And if it hits off, either because it is well advertised or because I find the right venue with the right clientele, then perhaps it is something I can also be successful at. It's just a dream, only a possibility right now, but maybe one day it will be a reality and people will walk by and into The Fox Shop... or Fox Books and Cafe... or Little House on the Lane/Avenue/Road/Street/whatever... I don't know the name yet. That's going to be important though. Many people walk into most shops just because they are intrigued by their name or because, based on the name, they figure they can find what they are looking for there. But I have time to find a name yet. I still have to see if this is the final dream. If this is what I really want to do. And then if I decide to go through with it, then I still have to be educated in the business world, and build a good credit so I can move and make that loan. It seems very possible though... So keep your eyes out wherever you are. There just mat be a new venue coming to your town in a couple years.


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