Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ranting and Raving, Depression, and PMS

Sometimes I get a little down about life and I start to worry that maybe everything isn't going to work out all right and that I'll be struggling for the rest of my life for goals that will never be accomplished, that I'm just not capable of and I know it is ridiculous to think that way since I am only 17 and have my whole life ahead of me as I know it, but it just seems so likely that I'm going to fail. I'm going to be a loser, a failure, one of those people that I just can't stand, that had so much potential and did nothing with their lives... Despite how hard I've worked for my grades my whole life and my pretty spectacular GPA, I haven't been accepted to the school I wanted to go to so am instead attending a community college, I can't seem to get a job anywhere even with all the people I supposedly know that can "hook it up" for me, if I don't have a job that means I can't move out, and since I can't get into the college I want, my career will have to start later than I wanted if it ever happens at all with the way this black cloud is following me around. I know this is a rant, probably hormonally based and that you probably want to slap me right now. But i just really need to scream right now.


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