Monday, July 5, 2010

Doctor's Orders

I have a real problem with depression but am completely against taking anti-depressants. At least once a year I get severely depressed and always manage to get myself out of my depressive state. So today I sat back and thought about the way I went about de-depressing myself and I recognized a sort of routine that I go through that always gets me through those rough spots. Here are the docotr's orders:
  1. Cut your hair. Sometimes all you need is a change and fresh perspective.
  2. ALWAYS change out of your PJs. Staying in them all day makes you feel like your life is so pointless and unnecessary that you can stay in bed all day and do nothing and no one and nothing will notice.Start the day with fresh clothes.
  3. Groom yourself every day. Brush your teeth, do your hair, put on make up, shower, etc. Remember: How you look affects how you feel.
  4. Read a book for at least 20 minutes a day. Get involved in a series. It's nice to get out of your life which may seem pretty boring sometimes and become involved in one of complete fiction like Harry Potter.
  5. Draw or do something artsy and creative every day.Get those creative juices flowing again. When you see something that you have created, not only will you realize that, hey, you just had something to do for a good half hour or more, but also your life will have more of a purpose because you are creating something physical.
  6. Make your bed every morning. You'll feel better; more fresh and ready to start your day.
  7. Write in a journal. Journals are a great way of getting all your depressive thoughts that clog up your mind released onto paper where they can stay instead of flooding your mind with sadness throughout the day. Journaling can also let yourself see how you are progressing out of your depression, get you excited about your future plans, etc.
  8. Start a big project. Whether it is redoing the house, starting a garden, and art piece, writing a book, building, anything at all. Just keep busy. Make sure you have something to occupy your mind throughout the day. Focus on a goal and finishing it. Try to keep it at one large project at a time or at least on large one and a mini project. You don't want to become frustrated because you feel you can't accomplish your goal. Just KEEP BUSY.
  9. Make sure your room/workspace is clean. Tidy around the house/room/workplace every day. an uncluttered desk is an uncluttered mind and a clean room is a clean mind, body and soul.
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    No medication is necessary to overcome depression. I'm proof of that. Depression is almost always purely a mental state. And like they say: Mind over matter. Get your mind to think a different way. This way works for me, it might work for you too. You'd have to experiment with different things to see what helps you.


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