Wednesday, July 28, 2010


No more stress! At least not for a little while. I have successfully registered for my classes at FIU for the Fall term 2010. Which means I have nothing to worry about really unless I get a job soon, which I do have an interview with AT&T tomorrow and am crossing my fingers hoping I get the job because there are so many things I need the money for: my truck, gas, the netbook I'm buying for school, I really want to join a sorority and I really need to start building my finances back. So I'm hoping I get this job at AT&T, if not I'm going to be applying at Longhorn Steakhouse and for a a job on campus, maybe at the Panther Dining Hall. Damn, the list of things to do and buy never ends, it's true! At least my education is on its way and I've already got the next semester and summer term planned out as well so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself :)


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