Monday, November 29, 2010

Finals Week

Stressing, studying, think think thinking. So much stress in just two weeks. In these two weeks I prove that I have been paying attention in class and diligently reading my books. Sure, I haven't necessarily been to every class and I may have skipped a chapter or two, but now I get to catch up and show them what a genius I am. Now I get to see if those nights I chose to stay in instead of party really paid off and they will because I have high goals... except maybe in math. Today is my first final exam for my ecology lab and like always I've put studying for it last minute. I am studying for it now, but as I'm looking at the material I have a feeling that these two weeks are going to go a lot smoother than I thought and I am going to end up prouder of myself than I believed I could. I just hope this feeling is right. Now enough writing about studying and actually getting to it!


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