Friday, September 3, 2010

One of Those Days

I'm just having one of those days that makes you feel all out of sorts. You know. When you sit back and realize that today is just not your day and just maybe you should not have stepped forth. It started last night when I couldn't find clothes for my new job at a price I could afford, continued when I realized I had left my lunch box behind in class. Then this morning I didn't sleep as late as I could have because even my body is rebelling against me. And when I went to make my lunch, I had to end up taking a ham and cheese sandwhich since I couldn't find a tupperware that fit inside my tiny Snoopy tine can lunch box. I got into several nasty little snippets with my grandmother which I'm sure I'll hear about later from my mother and then it started raining after my first class when I had to get stuff from my car parked all the way at the opposite end of the Univerity of course. And as I finally get to my car... It stops raining!!! After I've already gotten soaking wet THEN the skies open up to let the sun out! The injustice of it, I'm telling you. Now when I check my e-mail, of course my math proffessor sent me an e-mail long after I had already gone to sleep for the night so I don't have what I need printed out for class and then I'm behind on my6 schedule for reading for my geography class (which has been the only highlight of my day) and that time of the month is quickly approaching. I almost slipped and died right in front of Graham Center and I wasn't even running. I have a party to go to tonight that I'm seriously reconsidering since I just may get slipped something today since it seems to be my day for horribleness. Come on world! Let's see what else you can throw at me....


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