Thursday, September 2, 2010

When You Learn Something New

I find it interesting how, when you learn or discover something new, that has always existed or has existed for is not a new concept, it seems to follow you around and make itself as obviously there as possible. For example, in my Geography class, I recently learned the term globalization and all the little nuances that fall under that term. Now, globalization has existed for longer than I can even trace my ancestors and I know that I participate in it every day, but I never realize how much a part of my daily life and the world it was a part of until I learned about it in class. Now, it's like every day I notice something, or several things, that have to do with globalization: Facebook, the kids at my school, eating at McDonalds, buying products at WalMart. Every time I look at the tags on my clothes and toys and pens and everything that has a "Made in China" or Made in Indonesia" or wherever it was made, I'm aware of how that is globalization and all the effects that it implies. It's almost the same, except on a less serious scale, as when I was in middle school and I discovered Converse sneakers for the very first time. I'm sure everyone wore them before I learned about them. Maybe even people that were close to me. I just never seemed to notice them until my sixth grade year and then I was like "woah!" She's wearing them and he's wearing them too! What a coincidence? Not really. They were a pretty common shoe, just not for me at the time. I don't know if it's like that for everyone, but I know that every time I learn something that seems to have an impact on me or that really sticks in my head all of a sudden I see it everywhere. I see globalization in the book I read for pleasure and in the newspaper and on Facebook. I see Converse on everyone I meet and in stores, in magazines, etc. I just find it kind of amazing that the things you learn can actually open your eyes to the world. I makes me feel like maybe I just did learn something new


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