Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miami Metro Zoo

Yesterday I went to Miami Metro Zoo with my two friends Olivia and Sami and I took a ridiculous amount of pictures. I wanted to try taking at least half-decent photos of animals. Here are the results. Some of them have been photoshopped for effect and whatnot.
Some of these photos have human subjects. the black and white one of the girl in the green bamaboo is my best friend, Olivia, as well as the one with the girl posed kind of funny in the fog. This last picture with the little girl was a random girl standing near the misters. I didn't get to find out her name, but I liked the picture anyway. I really enjoyed going to the zoo to take these photos and I didn't even get to visit the aviary :( Next time I go I'm going to and I'm also going to mess with the lighting and stuff because some of the pictures I took came out grayish or so because of the shade and the netting and cages. Also, I need to find out how to take pictures of animals in cages without having the cages become the focus while the animals are unfocused :/ This trip I focused more on the patterns and natural lighting that was provided.


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