Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Ponderings Of a Psycho Woman

if you woke up one day and you were in a different place you have never been and you realized your WHOLE entire life was just a dream, and you look completely different, what would you do ,and please give an extensive explanation :)

i think i would have a freak out. like id probably look inside the mirror (if mirrors exist in this reality ive never seen)and start screaming. id have a mental breakdown and cry. if anyone talked to me id probably twitch lol. but im also very curious so id step out of wherever i live and look around me at this world ive never seen and the people ive never met and wonder about them and wonder what i missed while i was "dreaming" and id sit there and wonder for a day while just freaking out in my head and then the next day id get up and talk to someone and tell them all about the crazy dream i had and id tell myself it was just a dream like im telling this person, probably a psychotherapist, cuz i must be one crazy bitch to have dreamt my whole world and actually believed it. so id say that i know what is real is real but i think deep down, for the rest of my life i wouldnt be able to look in a mirror cuz i wouldnt realize its me and for the rest of my life id bve wondering about all the ppl i had met and become close with in my "dream" and id probly get depressed cu those ppl would be real to me, not the ppl in this alternate reality. not my psychotherapist or my stranger neighbors and family. and id always feel that reality was really the dream, not the pther way around. id never get used to it. please tell me my life isnt a dream cuz i just may cry right now. i thought waaayyyy too much about that....


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