Saturday, May 8, 2010


The fleas are killing me. They're everywhere! And it's like my family doesn't even want to try and get them to go away. Yes, I understand that we love our animals, but they are the reason behind the current infestation in our house. I thought it was agreed that that cat wouldn't be allowed in the house until the flea problem was rid of. Apparently not so. So I have to continue scratching in agony, killing bugs, getting blood on my hands, being irritated and waking up every morning with bug bites all over my legs. Unpleasant!

 A flea is the most disgusting, annoying, repugnant, foul, loathsome creature in the whole planet according to me. For all I care they can rot in hell. I know they say that every creature has a purpose in this Earth, but honestly: What does a flea contribute? Disease? Annoyance? Filth? Craziness?! These are not helpful to society. Harmful! That's all a flea is. Uncontrollable and Ugly.

And then when someone hears you have a flea problem at your house, it's like all of a sudden you've developed a plague. It's not my fault the Earth is retarded and created the little nuisances! I never got a say in it! I feel the nature should be a democracy. All the living creatures should have a vote as to what creatures and living things should exist or be made. I'm positive fleas would not be around today if that were to be so.

I tried to google how fleas possibly contribute to nature and I found absolutely zilch! Heres the best answer I found from

"Fleas have no purpose as we would understand it, they don't create anything, they don't have culture nor civilization, they simply exist. I suppose you could argue from the same premise for humanity, "why do we exist? What purpose do we have?". Fleas are simply creatures that have evolved to fill an ecological niche. If they have any purpose at all that pupose is simply to exist. Just like us.

Fleas are a part of a broader ecological niche, they carry and transmit viruses and diseases, they are also hosts to other even smaller creatures such as mites, and those mites carry around even smaller creatures themselves."

Except I disagree with this person. I think we exist fro more than just existing. We are more than fleas. That's why we can kill them. We're population control and we grow plants that help the environment (or we could), etc.

Either way, I feel it is totally useless for fleas to exist and suggest a genocide on all flea species.


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