Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things to Consider Before You Clicke the Shutter

  1. What mode do I want to shoot in? Manual, AP, SP, Auto or a pre-programed mode?
  2. If I’m using a pre-set, what F-Stop or Shutter Speed am I going to use?
  3. What format do I want to shoot in RAW or jpeg?
  4. What’s my ISO? Is it fast/slow enough?
  5. Too grainy for the shot?
  6. What White Balance am I set on?
  7. Do I need to set custom White Balance?
  8. Did I bring my 18% Grey Card?
  9. What Metering Mode should I be on?
  10. What Colour setting do I need?
  11. Am I going to use Manual or Auto Focus?
  12. Do I want to Bracket the shot?
  13. Am I going to use a Flash?
  14. And how am I going to use it?
  15. What story am I trying to tell?
  16. Do I need to change lenses?
  17. If so, which one?
  18. Am I shooting in Landscape or Portrait perspective, or even a jaunty angle?
  19. Do I need to use a Tripod?
  20. Will I use the Rule of Thirds or break it?
  21. What other rules should I be following?
  22. Are there Leading Lines I can use in the shot?
  23. What about finding an S-curve for the leading line?
  24. Is there any thing I can use to Frame my picture? e.g. Tree branches.
  25. Will I change this to B&W, Sepia or something else post production?
  26. Do I have a Focal Point?
  27. Is my subject Moving or Stationary?
  28. For Moving Subjects, do I want to Pan the shot, Blur the background or Blur the subject?
  29. Is there a Pattern I can pick up on?
  30. How’s the lighting?  Are the shadows strong or weak?
  31. Do I want to emphasize them?
  32. Is the light too strong?
  33. Will it wash out detail?
  34. Is my horizon straight?
  35. Can I get this at a better angle?
  36. Should I wait for better lighting?
  37. What does the light meter read?
  38. Should I increase shutter speed or open up the aperture?
  39. Is it in focus?
  40. Did I just miss a great shot?
*This list was found on Digital Photography School


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