Monday, August 16, 2010

Catch-22: Ugh I Can't Stand This Book!

The last book that I wanted to read before the summer was over was Catch-22, which is supposed to be about this guy named Yossarian who is a bombardier in a war and i constantly trying to escape fighting in the war and feels that everyone is trying to kill him and that there is this ridiculous law called Catch-22 where if you are crazy you don't have to fly the planes but if you try to turn yourself in saying you are crazy so you don't have to fly you are obviously perfectly sane so you are forced to continue fighting. I know, it's complicated to understand even when I try to write it. Needless to say I had heard mixed feelings about this book. There were quite a few people who said that this was the funniest book they ever read, their most favorite book ever. And then there was the people telling me that they couldn't even get past the first 20 pages, they thought it was stupid, didn't understand it, etc.Needless to say (if you read the title of this entry) I have to concur with the latter. This book, although not stupid, was so very difficult to understand. The way Heller writes it it sounds like a crazy person speaking and it flashes into the past and future and present with no warning so you never have any clue where you are in the story. I couldn't even finish it, although I did manage to get more than halfway (probably only because I was forcing myself too). Nonetheless, I totally hated this book. Almost as much as I hates The Secret Garden when I was in elementary school. I couldn't stand it. Even if it is considered one of the best American fiction pieces to date. I really don't care and I don't recommend this book to anyone I didn't want to confuse and aggravate to pieces.


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