Monday, August 2, 2010

My Day in Cocoa Beach

I absolutely love this place. Well, I love any beach that is. The weather was beyond beautiful today and I continued with my obnoxious photographing chronicle of our Family Road Trip. I actually got some pictures of the place we are staying at, Wakulla Suites. They've got this beautiful tropical garden in the entire middle of the courtyard with pathways you can walk through. The place looks like some out of the way hotel place in the middle of the rain-forest was cut and pasted out of a magazine advertisement to South America or something. It's really pretty homey and I'm thinking of suggesting to my friends that we come here next summer or maybe on a 3-day weekend during the school year. Just to get a way for a little while. I feel amazing and I've only been gone one day. So here are some pictures highlighting my day. For the full collection and play-by-play captions visit my Facebook album: Summer Family Road Trip 2010

By the way, some of these picture were taken by my mother. The captions on facebook should tell you which ones are hers. Enjoy!


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