Friday, August 6, 2010

Find us on Facebook!!!

After reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I am woefully aware of how easy it is for someone with minimal hacking skills to completely learn all the important information that we all keep on our computers, but I figured that if you just used the computer to eat crap they couldn't really find anything so inconsequential and then I realized that people in today's society are the perfect candidates for stalkers. We are all constantly using websites like Facebook where if you aren't careful, a person could know where you are any minute of the day and we make it so easy for stalkers by updating our status every hour or so. All a person needs to do is trace the IP address of your status to find out what time and exactly where you updated said status (satellites are amazing things ladies and gentlemen, they can track you through your computer, phones, basically anything that connects you to other people or the rest of the world). It's enough to make any person paranoid and go caveman on you. But does modern society care whether you are so easily traced through these social networking systems? Do they mind if they can be so easily stalked? Do they care whether someone with some kind of creepy obsession can know exactly where you are every minute of the day and even trace your phone number and then address? absolutely not. In fact, we make it even easier for these psychos by posting our addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses out there for the whole world to see and use for their ultimate convenience. And we are all over the web: text messages, Facebook updates, Tweets and now Loopt (one I just found out about that breaks it down easily for stalkers right away by just giving them the address of where in the world you are right away so they don't even have to work too hard for it and can meet you there!). I have to say that I am almost as guilty as most because I am a Facebook junkie and my life is posted on there for the world to see. I just say here though looking through Facebook and I became amazed at how easily traced we are. That there is no running from anyone. They can always find. Pretty creepy, huh.


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