Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shopping: Not Just for Girls!!!

We were making plans to go to an outlet mall today and were trying to decide whether or not to take my brother because he was being so negative. He said that he hated shopping and why should he go. But then my mom said that she wasn't going to buy anything for him unless he came because she wouldn't know what he liked and all of a sudden he found himself on a 45 minute drive to the outlet mall and it quickly became apparent that Adam did not mind shopping at all.... As long as it was for him, of course. While we were scouring the racks for great deals on hot clothes for him and helping him try on his finds he was in total heaven and totally OK with spending an hour or so in just one store, but as soon as we started looking for someone besides him, like myself or my mom, all of a sudden we were taking too long in the stores, he was hungry, he was tired, his back hurt, his feet were killing him. And I realized, it's not that he has a problem with shopping, it's that he has a problem if it isn't all about him! And I realized that most men are like this. Totally OK shopping for the stuff that they want or need (Home Depot and men's clothing, Best Buy, etc.) but as soon as it's the women's turn to think about someone other than them, shopping becomes a burden that they just can't handle...


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