Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Day of the Family Road Trip

I am sitting on my full sized bed in a room at Wakulla Suites in Cocoa Beach, Florida at the moment and very much so enjoying myself. I spent the better part of the day arguing with my brother trying to end his negativity about a family road trip which I happen to think is the best thing that has happened this summer and on the road as Second in Command for my mother because I am the expert navigator in my family. And, of course, with nothing better to do, I obnoxiously started chronicling our trip, from the moment we left Miami to every stop and even the weather. It actually wasn't that bad of a drive. We did get into a part of town where it was "hurricaning" (that's what I call a storm so bad that you can't see: a little hurricane) and there happened to be a really bad accident as a result of it that I couldn't take a picture of, but all in all good road trip weather and my brother was busy playing video games or sleeping for most of the trip so mom and I weren't bothered by him too much (he's going though this stage right now where no one can really stand to be around him for too long or when he's in one of his moods). We made it to the hotel OK though and now I'm just relaxing.....

For a full chronicle of my adventures, visit my Facebook and go to my album Summer Family Roadtrip 2010


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